About Malinda


Malinda Scott Hodge

The reason for my service to CommUNITY is simple…Love of CommUNITY. Savannah is My Home. I have chosen to live here, work here. I fell in & out of love here. I reared a beautiful family here and instilled in my children a genuine love and appreciation for commUNITY. I am rooted in Savannah and Savannah is rooted in me. The people I love and care for reside here. They are all directly impacted by the policies implemented here. Politics at play here affect my friends and family. Decisions made impact those I care for most. I do not simply offer my time and talent. This is a small part of my legacy work. For the love of my city, my family, my colleagues & commUNITY.

As a lifelong resident of this county, I have witnessed both its triumphs and challenges. I understand the unique needs and aspirations of our diverse community, and I am eager to address them head-on. Through collaborative leadership, effective decision-making, and a tireless work ethic, I am confident that together we can make a lasting positive impact.

I humbly request your support and trust in this upcoming election. Together, we can shape the future of our county and create a community we are proud to call home. Join me in this journey towards progress, prosperity, and positive change.